Instant access to trusted clinical data

ReachRx leverages artifical intelligence to give thousands of clinicians instant access to pharmaceutical information

Empowering clinicians at the top health systems

Enhance Your Patient Care

Through our AI-enabled platform, you can improve medical-decision making, reduce errors, and drive patient outcomes.
Save time
Stop relying on sales rep visits, textbooks and google searches for treatment information
Get Answers
Remove barriers to cutting edge treatment with on demand access to high quality information.
Drive outcomes
Deliver an exceptional patient experience by ensuring they are receiving the best treatment.
Clinical Search

Ask questions about products and diseases

Our AI powered search engine allows you to quickly acces the most reliable, and up to date information on drugs, disease states, and treatments.

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Rep Management

Find and message sales reps

Chat with all of your rep contacts from the palm of your hand and without exposing your personal number.

  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Fully Private
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Quickly get samples for your patients

Send requests that our team will route to the proper rep. We will connect you with the rep, and they will be able to send samples directly to your office.

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Book meetings without back and forth

Set your availability, and the type of meetings you'd like to take and handle all of your rep bookings and meeting requests in one place.

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Practices Love ReachRx

With over 100 locations, efficient communication with our reps is critical for ensuring our patients are getting the best treatment, as quickly as possible. With ReachRx, we’ve streamlined our rep interactions and freed up hours of staff time to be able to focus on what matters most - patients. No more pop-in visits, business cards or texts to my personal number. ReachRx is a life saver and a must for every practice manager!
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Gianna Russo
General Manager @ Scwheiger Derm

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